Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Gotta give it to my mate Luke James Parkhouse! he has edited all of my best pieces of footage from travels over the past few years. Wish I had the I.T skills he has! Maybe I should learn harder?

Thanks Luke great Video.

Check out Luke's blogpage lifeproductionsuk.blogspot.com

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sorry, Slack.

Sorry fellow bloggers/followers I don't even have any excuses. I've been so slack recently in updating my blog. It's not like my life is really boring or anything or I don't get up to much.
Firstly Movember was a success and I'm not just on about the porno Mo! I managed to raise a few quid for Movember itself. Im going to do it every year for sure.

It's been a busy few weeks of surfing in North Devon with all the usual sheltered spots turning on as is more of the norm this time of year. Christmas is 8 days away now, Im proper excited about having a few social drinks here and there.

Cheers, lets have a proper merry crimbo!


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Nearly There.

My tash is well on the way to looking like an 80's porn king. However i'm trying not to think about it as it makes me a little ill! No it's looking good now with just a few days left of growth. I then need to decide if its worth carrying on after or not.

November has been the best month for swell I have ever witnessed. Thats a bold fact. We've had week after week of clean solid groundswells we usually end up dreaming about. The only thing different is thats actually reality.

Stay tuned for some horrible tash pictures!

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Well november is in full swing, surf has been pumping since my last post. Comps have been coming thick and fast Wesward Ho! Came 3rd overall at the British Interclubs's. Even better the groms won their category, well done fellas!
13 days in

Quater Final Heat ukpst Lynmouth Photo Rob Tibbles
3rd place at the interclubs (Sorry it's sideways)
A few photo's from this months features.....

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Soooooooo Good

It's been such a sick week for waves, events, party's and much much more. First of all the swell has been awesome for 6 days in a row (miracle). The lynmouth contest that was moved to tuesday was fun although I'm a little gutted I didnt get past the quater finals in clean 3ft reeling lefts. Never mind! The next contest is this weekend at Wooly, where the Interclubs will commence. I'm sure all the Ho's! are raring to go. Followed by the Newquay Open at fistral which is next weekend. Stay tuned to me blog as I will let you know what goes down In November Bazza town.
I have also just discovered Slater has just won his 11th World title in San Francisco (Freak)!

The second installment of Wwho's! Eyeball Local Lowdown has been released so check that out and let me know if its shit or if you love it?! Always open to opinions.......
Anyhow peace out homies and enjoy the swell times1

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Thursday was fun scored 2 banging surfs and had some great shacks over Croyde with mike, Luke and Rob. This is a clip that my sis took on thursday morning.....

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Indian Summer

Croyde on Saturday 1st October

Thrsday Sandbar By Janine Horn

From the 29th of September until 2nd of October we had what I personally thought, the very last glimpse of summer. Throughout those days the swell all over our coastline was pumping. Waking up everyday felt like rolling out of bed on "proper" holiday and when I say proper I mean warm weather and fun waves!

Thursday was sick. Janine and I had a few hours to ourselves which was about 4hours before other commitments came into play.
We decided to go south instead of north because

A) South is generally a lot less crowded.
B) More options to choose from.

I scored a super fun bank with waves in the 4-5ft range by myself for 3 hours. Like I said before it felt like I was abroad. Perfectly groomed offshore waves with the odd barrel here and there.

For friday saturday and sunday the swell dropped a little but always pumped. I was working on the beach experiencing some of the best waves we've had in months with some of the best sandbars the south west had to offer for us lucky North Devonians.

It felt like an August bank holiday with all the people about enjoying the weather and swell.

Overall it made me realise that I have to pinch myself from time to time as to what a beautiful place I live in. It's weird how I do take it all for granted sometimes, which is nuts. You only need to look around you and realise North Devon is a cool place. (Especially when the sun and surf stays put for a while in October!)

Eyballhq.tv have introduced The Local Lowdown. Which is a monthly news blog from the Five main beaches in North Devon. The whole idea around the Local Lowdown is to provide goss and all the news, Contest Reports, Big Wave Events, Airshows, Image Galleries, Shapers, Surf Schools, Videos, Forecasts and much, much more – of course including the naming and shaming of individuals, who did what, who did nothing, who did who. Anything goes. each month from all of the beaches in the area.

Stay tuned by going to Eyeball and following my monthly reports from the HO!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


The weekend saw the 19th Jesus surf classic at Croyde however this year was a bit different as sunday was out of control. Phil williams decided to make the call to finish the remainder of the heats at P-land on sunday.
I surfed really well throughout the contest and managed to make my first Jesus open final coming 3rd. Satisfied! Thanks to Christian Surfers.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Go Bobby!

The Quiksilver Pro has been an interesting contest. Standouts so far have been Slater's usual talent, Josh Kerr's stupid airs, Brazilian frothing from Adriano De Souza, Alejo Muniz and most surprisingly Heitor Alves! Bobby Martinez won his round 2 heat against Bede Durbidge, during his post heat interview he kicked off at the ASP click for more and check out the funny video of Bobby below. Beware of the strong language involved though!
On another note its the 19th annual Jesus surf classic at Croyde this weekend, hopefully I can get a good result, keep tuned in on how I get on.


Thursday, 1 September 2011


Stoked to add this addition to my quiver, picked it up last thursday and have only surfed it the once at croyde the following day. Usually it takes me a while to get used to a new board but after a few waves it just seemed to fly!  We just need more swell as I'm frothing to get on it again.

Big up Diplock surfboards and check out the website if your keen on a sick new stick!

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Large swell expected over the next few days. Not here of course. And by all accounts its going to be getting out of control.....Oh the excititement

Friday, 12 August 2011


Found this picture lingering on Magicseaweed, that was probably the biggest wave I have surfed this summer and I cant begin to express more that its been a really poor few months for swell. I think it was taken in may some time after I had been home a few weeks.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Oh Jeffrey!

Bit of a funny year for swell at J-bay this year. However from round 3 to 5 it pumped. Above are some of my favourite highlights from the Billabong Pro 2011.

Sunday, 24 July 2011



One of my close mates is new to the blogging world and is doing an awesome job at promoting his Creative Art. Check out the page and more importantly follow Ryan's Creations!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I love a good tailslide, this recent sequence by Parky sums up my feelings in a nutshell.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Silly season update

It's all been a little mental recently I have seen a cow in the lineup that gave us a surf lesson during the goldcoast oceanfest. A few heat waves here and there, a bit of partying, lots of BBQ'S and pissing about in rubber duckies! The sea has warmed up a few degrees and silly season is well under way.
Waves are due this evening and into tomorrow.

Think it's time to pull out the short arm suit!

Something else I would like to mention. The Atlantic watersports games are coming to North Devon in 2 weeks time (24th July) with the opening ceremony starting in Bideford. I didn't realise how big the games were and how much it attracted overseas and local public interset and income it will bring to the area. The 1 week event will showcase watersports competitions on Croyde - Surfing and Surf Kayaking, Bideford - Rowing and Sea Kayaking at high tide, Saunton Sands - Surf Life Saving, Roadford Lakes - Sailing and Windsurfing and Westward Ho! - Kitesurfing. Check out more info on the games at http://www.atlanticwatersports.co.uk/

Thursday, 16 June 2011

At last.

It's been such a poor June for swell. Today was the first time I had surfed waves over shoulder high for uhhhhh. Can't remember!
Anyhow, I managed to get in 2times today, also this evening surfing one of my favourites. Spot G!
It wasn't going off but I and my other amigos had loads of fun which is what it's all about.
The swell of today looks like its going to last for the next few days and into the weekend which is great news.

It's all pretty chilled at the moment, no comps, just doing my Lifeguarding and hanging with my girlfriend.

The boys have been telling me to check this ad out, I must say it will never go out of fashion. Pure gold!

Monday, 6 June 2011


Last week was awesome, the weather on friday and saturday was so good. Janine and I we're very close to going on a camping trip down cornwall for our day's off (sunday and monday) but as the day progressed on saturday it all wen't pete tong! The cloud started to appear early in the afternoon and then I was hearing loads of rumours that it was due to rain over the next few days and get a wee chilly.
That pissed me off a bit really as I was super excited about getting another opportunity to escape out of the county and enjoy some nice sunshine and hopefully some waves but.........Nah sorry buddy, looks pants!

Anyhow apart from the weather situation it was a beautiful half term.Overall finger's crossed summer is similar to the week we just had.

On a more important note been competing the last couple of weekends. The Eyeball surf Classic was a success on my behalf however last weekend the Saltrock Open came to Croyde and I had a shocker in the round of 32, just missing out on a place in the Night surf contest in newquay in July.

Below are shots taken from the other week's newspaper about the Eyeball Surf Classic.

Snapshot from the Journal
Pic. Rob Tibbles

Write up in the North Devon Journal

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Kickin off

It's that time of year again, summer is well underway. The footy season has finished (apart from the champions league final). Surf competitions are in full swing most weekends. And yet the weather is still on the chilly side, with the slightest Autumnal feel!
The weekend that just passed saw a clash of two surf contests which both fell on the sunday. Those comps were the English Nationals and the Eyeball/Croyde surf club Devon Team Trials for the Atlantic watersports games.
I decided to keep it Devon and surf in the Croyde contest. Either way it was a tough decision for either as sunday's surfing conditions were rather hideous! 6ft+ westerley gales on the coast. Yeah I bet you can imagine how difficult conditions were favouring for all the competitors!?
I know they moved the English from the wild's of Watergate Bay to the slightly more shelterd Tolcarne which suited all surfers for the later stages of that contest.

Anyhow the decision was made up in Devon for the comp to go go go, by contest director matt knight. first in the horrid waters were the groms then the under 16's followed by under18's followed by the Longboarders. A huge amount of respect to all the competitors that attempted the paddle and gave it a go because it was heaving!

Last in were myself and the other open competitors. Surfing in the final with me were Scott Rannochan, Andrew Cotton and Conest director Matt Knight.
Rannochan and I paddled out 15 minutes early to give ourselves a head start with the giant paddle that was ahead of us. That paid off as we were able to get used to the conditions and get a feel for it.

I managed to pick off 2 scoring waves in the final and the judges awarded me with the win which I was so stoked with.
Final open results,

1.Jordan Reed (Westward Ho!)
2.Scott Rannochan (Croyde)
3.Andrew Cotton (Croyde)
4.Matt Knight (Croyde)

So this blog is dedicated to Croyde Surf Club, Eyeball Surfcheck and Rob Tibbles (photos below) who organised a great contest at the weekend even though weather conditions were horrific!
Thanks guys!

Open winner.....Me!
The conditions

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chin up

Headed to the north east at the weekend to compete in the Saltburn open ukpsa surf championships. Overall the weekend as a whole was really enjoyable apart from getting knocked out of the contest in the early stages by Russell Winter (overall winner from Newquay) and Shaun Skilton (St Agnes).
Apart from having a bit of a shocker, just travelling up to the north east and having a nice look around made the weekend seem like a mini holiday.
Saturday was cool, we had a good ganders of the town and nearby attractions. The contest was on hold due to pap conditions so we ended up having a few beverages in the pubs of Saltburn and as the day and night progressed most of the competitors came out of the woodwork to have a night fuelled with cheap surf banter!

On a brighter note considering the episode of surf competition my 2nd installment from our travels is complete. Thanks to Luke Parkhouse's editing and the filming patience of my beautiful girlfriend Janine.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Like to thank my mate Luke for editing this video for me. He loves flickin through hours of footage to make it look just right! Check out luke's blog @ http://www.lifeproductionsuk.blogspot.com/ 


Jordan Reed Nicaragua 2011 from luke parkhouse on Vimeo.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Been home a week now, feels like an eternity after being home for the bank holiday weekend and working on the beach again as a lifeguard! I finally have time to sort my life out having 2 days off to re-arrange my tasks and commitments. On a brighter note, I have been getting in the water at Croyde over the bank holiday weekend and managed to score some fun waves involving a few hacks and head dips!

I've recently been lucky enough to do some advertising for my sponsor Elusive who are kindly sending me some more clothing over the next few days.
If anyone is interested in buying some Elusive Clothing with 15% discount give me a bell and I will sort you out! Also you can check out Elusive's Range on http://www.http//www.elusivesurf.com/store/.

Monday, 18 April 2011

All over.

Thats it, we're flying home from L.A. tomorrow after 5 months on the road throughout central America and Southern California. It's been an amazing trip! I have seen so much and have learnt alot about the different cultures. I'm also excited and ready to return home now for many reasons! To top it all off though california was the icing on the cake.

San Clemente wave

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

You stay classy.

Hi Jordan Burganreed here, just giving you classy people a heads up on whats happening in my life after Latin America!
We have been in California 10 days now and alot has occured. All of which has been really exciting, on my behalf!
It all started when we arrived in LAX on the 3rd of April. We were then taken to our hostel which was so cool because it was located on Hollywood Boulevard. The famous capital.
We spent 2 days there doing all the touristy things such as, the Wax Museum, the Kodak Theater, the Guinness House of Records and the Hollywood sign tours. Awesome times!
On the 6th we were then taken to collect our R.V.! The R.V. has been amazing, we have taken it south of Los Angeles stopping off at San Clemente, Trestles, Encinitas, Oceanside etc, as far as San Diego stopping off at some great surf spots along the way.

When we were in San Clemente I needed a new board so I invested in a brand new Timmy Patterson. I have ridden it a few times and it already feels like a dream board....Good times.

We have taken a few days out in San Diego to see a friend we met in El Salvador. Mike is one of the nicest guys I have ever met as he has showed us round the digs and taken us to some awesome surf spots also pubs, restaurants and a baseball match!

We have 1 more day left with mike before heading north again. So I wanted to shout out you stay Classy San Diego (and Mike)!


The R.V
San Diego Padres Vs Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Match
New Dream stick

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

End of the road.

The night we went and saw some Lucha Libre Wrestling

 View from Pyramide de la luna (lunar pyramid) looking across Teotihuacan

We arrived in Los Angeles (LAX) 3 days ago after departing the huge Mexico City. Where do I begin on talking about that place!? It was by far the most ginormous place/city I have ever been to. I thought it was going to be scary, dirty and a little bit on the hectic side. But as a matter of fact it turned out to be a place that I will remember in a nice, pleasant and a thoroughly enjoyable way!

We did some good cultural stuff too as you can see from the pics.

4, 1/2 months in Latin America. The journey was unreal and unforgettable.
Awesome memories will be thought about for the rest of my life.

Stay tuned for our adventures in California. We pick up the R.v tomorrow and head south towards San Diego!

Friday, 25 March 2011


The swell has been pretty large over the last couple of days here in Puerto Escondido. Wednesday there were some 10ft waves coming through on the beach and yesterday the swell had dropped a little and it was more like 6-8ft. I have only got a 6,4 with me. I needed something in the 7ft range to get me into some of those waves. Or even better getting towed into them would have been the go as you wouldnt need to worry about paddling through the most hideous impact zone!

I have been getting in at La Punta which is right down the southern end of Zicatela beach. Its a fun lefthand pointbreak that breaks over sand, real close to the rocks.
Been getting some 200-300meter waves down there with the odd barrel section. Cant complain! I didnt capture any photos of the wave at La Punta or me surfing it as I have been going down there by myself whilst Janine catches some rays in the hotel pool!

However I didnt want to disappoint you so, I took some shots the other day when it was large.....Enjoy!
Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon

Thursday evening Glass

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mexican pipe

Super fun session.

Early Morning Perfection

We have been in Puerto Escondido a week today, alot has happened since we arrived here but I dont need to go into that! I nearly drowned a few days ago, I went for a late afternoon session while it was still quiet and took the beating of my life.
It began when I had a wave and began paddling out the back again when a set loomed on the horizon. Sometimes the sets catch you out and you cant see them coming! Anyway I just made it under the first wave then I duck dived the second and got smashed all over the place. Board ripped out of my grasp. I came to the surface out of breath then I bailed on the 3rd wave which meant my board then dragged me under. Also to make matters worse, at the moment there is a big gully on the inside that is quite deep so in the circumstances I couldnt push off the bottom to break the surface quick enough! I made it to the surface just in time to get a miniscule breath of air before the 4th broke on my head. I tried to relax but it was hard getting to the surface again. I came to the surface after the 4th and had to go straight under for the 5th which by this point I was fucked! I then managed to hold onto my board whilst the set had passed. From this point onwards I needed a break and was on the sidelines for at least 10 minutes.
Eventually after all the heroics I managed to stay out of real harm the rest of the session.
Its by far the heaviest beachbreak I have surfed, its also the best and most rewarding wave I have probably ever surf!
But as most know the sea usually wins the battle.....
Other than that its been one of the most enjoyable stops on our travels!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

More to come.

Thought I would post another video. I tried posting a video a few weeks back but the connection was way too slow. I'm currently sat in a sweaty room in Mexico. Thinking about getting barrells next week as I keep mentioning! We're heading to Puerto Escondido. I'm getting excited to the point that I have huge butterflies in my stomach. Stay tuned for more updates on our Latin American adventure!

Saturday, 5 March 2011


It's been a busy few weeks travelling from country to country. I haven't even had the chance to write a post.
After El Salvador we headed through Guatemala, Belize and now we have reached our final country throughout latin America. Mexico! Its been such a blur and the thought of flying home is gradually creeping up on us both.
We have done some great exploring the last few weeks and believe it or not I have been a right tourist! Flashing my camera and all that nonsense. I'm sure looking back on it all we will both think is......Wow! What a cool trip we did.
I'm starting to get even more excited now though. Reason being....we're heading to Puerto Escondido in just over a week. That means I need to get my barrell clogs on. I'm frothing!
Anyways we have 5, 1/2 weeks remaining in paradise locations. So stay tuned for some more tourist crap.


Coffee Lover!

Beautiful Colours in Belize

Can you tell? We looked buggered after walking to this
spectacular viewing point in Central Guatemala.

The Antigua Mcdonald's restaurant is the finest I've eaten in.....I'm serious!
(our aim has been to have a Mcdonalds in every country we visit)

Pacaya Volcano, nr Antigua still chuffs sulpher every now and then!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


It's our last whole day in El Salvador today before we head up to Guatemala. As it's our last weekend, we hit the drinks last night and ended up getting into a bit of a state! Anyway, thats another story. Before we hit the tiles last night, I had a great surf yesterday afternoon. The story begins at lunch when Janine and I were sat eating our delicious Pupusa's (an El Salvadorean snack). The wind picks up. To my own knowledge I thought "thats strong it must be really onshore" WRONG!
We both headed back to our room to chill for a few hours and let our lunch go down until, this Argentinean guy who is staying next to us, runs back from the beach, Breathless and says its pumping. I didnt really believe him at first, so I headed out front to check it. I couldnt believe my eyes, it was going off!
I scored some good barrells and with 3 people in the lineup you can't complain.
Here are some stills taken from the video camera from yesterday's session.
shots by Janine Horn