Friday, 21 January 2011

A Video.

Thought I would spice things up! Considering I have only blogged/posted pictures of my travels, how about I publish some vids???!!!
Still need to work out how to get rid of the elements of noise in the background and turn it into music. Im rather crap when it comes to technology so be patient with me!

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Our Accomodation

BOOM pit (picture coutesy of Tash)

Janine and I continued are adventurous journey North from Costa Rica and arrived in the capital of Nicaragua (Managua) on the 12th of January. We had to catch 4 buses and a taxi to finally arrive at our current location.
We are having to use the cheapest form of transport which is mainly the local bus.
You can imagine what it's like.....slow, extremely sweaty packed to the rafters.......Nightmare! The story's and the memories will always remain priceless and well worthy of a reminding chuckle. After 3 hours of sweaty buses and a sketchy taxi ride we reached our first destination in North Nicaragua. Playa Aserradores also known as the "Boom Wavos". This is because of the loud crashing noises you can hear constantly from the hill!


After being here a week it has been pretty sick to say the least. We've had one solid swell which is apparently rare for this time of year and its been pumping every single day.

My sister and her boyfriend are out here too and it has been great to catch up, surf, hang out, go fishing and generally we're stoked to be in a beautiful uncrowded location!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Costa Rica Summary.

New Years Eve Beer o'clock

New Years Day Perfection.

New Years Day.

White Faced Monkey Cahuita National Park.

Janine and I New Years eve!

Well since leaving Playa Dominical on the Costa Rican Central Pacific Coast and after the crazy New year party we experienced with the friendly ticos, we moved onwards on January the 3rd for the Caribbean Coast.

Our Journey began early in the morning at 5am, catching a bus to San Jose (capital), which took 4 1/2 hrs. then we had to get another bus which took another 5 hrs to our first destination on the Caribbean Coast, Cahuita.

Cahuita is home to an awesome National Park, which is good for wildlife watching with loads of Monkeys Sloths and Racoons!

I managed to get a few surfs in at Playa Negra, which is right next to the village of Cahuita. The waves were pretty average but just being in such a lush place makes up for it!

We stayed in Cahuita for 4 nights, then headed South for Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on another bus.
Puerto Viejo is known for its wave called Salsa Brava, which is apparently a really good barrelling righthander. I wouldn't know because after being in Puerto Viejo for 4 days it has been too small for it to work.......BOOOOO!

On the bright side I have had some fun sessions just south of town at a beach called Playa Cocles. The beach is a swell magnet (thank the lord) and I have had some fun waves over there, the water is so clear you can see every grain of sand when your sat out the back......Paradise!

We are currently still in Puerto Viejo as I write this blog. We are leaving for Nicaragua on wednesday morning.

If anyone plans on going to Costa Rica I would give these a go!

  • Playa Avellanas-Good fast barrelling beach break. Works from mid to high tide. Also has a good rivermouth righthander! Stayed at Casa Surf which is the only cheap option in the area it was ok.
  • Playa Negra-Just south of Avellanas, sick righthander fast hollow and shallow a few places to stay but not cheap.
  • Ostional-Swell Magnet beachbreak fast barrels, a few basic cheap accomodations
  • Nosara area-All beach breaks around this area are fun. Not many cheap places to stay though.
  • Playa Santa Teresa and Mal Pais-Perfect beach breaks for miles on end, swell magnets and lots accomodation choices!
  • Playa Dominical-Excellent beach break limited but good accomodation.
Caribbean Coast
  • Cahuita-lots of fun beachies nearby and lots of good accomodation options.
  • Puert Viejo-Amazing waves nearby and lots of accomodation choices.

If anyone wants to know more, then drop me a line or facebook me. The places listed above are the spots I would recommend.

I'm so amped on getting to Nicaragua, I hear the waves are really good at the moment. My sister and her boyfriend arrived there on Thursday and said its been pumping since they first arrived, with a great forecast for the coming week.

Well my next blog will be from somewhere in Nicaragua, I look forward to it!

Hasta Luego!