Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Gotta give it to my mate Luke James Parkhouse! he has edited all of my best pieces of footage from travels over the past few years. Wish I had the I.T skills he has! Maybe I should learn harder?

Thanks Luke great Video.

Check out Luke's blogpage lifeproductionsuk.blogspot.com

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sorry, Slack.

Sorry fellow bloggers/followers I don't even have any excuses. I've been so slack recently in updating my blog. It's not like my life is really boring or anything or I don't get up to much.
Firstly Movember was a success and I'm not just on about the porno Mo! I managed to raise a few quid for Movember itself. Im going to do it every year for sure.

It's been a busy few weeks of surfing in North Devon with all the usual sheltered spots turning on as is more of the norm this time of year. Christmas is 8 days away now, Im proper excited about having a few social drinks here and there.

Cheers, lets have a proper merry crimbo!