Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Winter 2013

Well its been a long winter for all of us and the cold weather seems to be hanging on just that little bit longer than expected. However summer is nearly with us and lots of stuff has been going on in my life which I will have pleasure sharing with you! Janine and I hit up Mexico in mid january for 9 weeks which was all time. I will post more photos up soon when I get the time. It's the start of contest season and last month I took part in the Elusive welsh Open which was a cool event. Unfortunately I got pipped in the semis. The whole weekend was amazing though as I had  the chance to catch up with some amazing friends in the welsh sunshine. Lastly I have just picked up a brand new stick from diplock surfboards and It flies! Pretty stoked on life at the moment. Summer is around the corner and the waves have been a-ok. Hopefully catch you in the lineup.
North Devon a few weeks back!

The new toy

Selfie at Elusive welsh Open. Pic Claire Beach Spirit
Home Pumping!

Elusive Welsh Open 2013. Pic Claire beach spirit

Mexican Pipeline. Stay tuned for lots more of these!
Elusive Crew. Legends!