Monday, 27 September 2010

Surfing Profile.

This shot was taken on Bali back in 07. Its not necessarily an amazing shot in terms of what im doing on the wave itself. Its just I love how sick the wave looks! Everywave that day had a perfect round bazza to pull into! This photo is on Nick Lloyds website, which I chose to use for my surfing profile. Check my profile out, it also has other local surfer profiles on there as well.
Swell prospects this week arent amazing, however wednesday looks like we will have a small fun wave in North Devon which means I will probably go down the coast where it recieves more in the way of swell.
Catch you all in the water soon!

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I thought it would be a good idea to post about Powerbalance! The story dates back to march 2010 whilst in Bali a friend introduced the Powerbalance hype to me. I had already heard about them off another friend but never thought twice about if they actually really worked to improve overall performance in athletes! I instantly went off and made a purchase and walla. Seven months have gone by and the hype and mystery goes on and on about these bracelets. I'm gonna put it out there......for me, it works and when I have the band on, I don't know what it is but, I feel much more confident with it on than I do without it!
When a friend introduced the tests on me, which consist of core strength tests mainly. I could not believe the improvements. Its unreal! When I surf my turns feel more sharper and I feel I can smash the lip harder with more speed.
It makes me laugh as I have tried the tests on other people, for some it works and others it does not work at all. Which is where the debate begins! Is there real science and technology being ignited into these wonder bracelets or are they just small strips of silver and coloured plastic being mass produced out of China, Taiwan or Thailand!

People say to me "ah Jord its bullshit mate, dunno why you got that crap on" or "I'm not sure if it works for me I just think its all in the head, you know psychological or something" and also "No way, that's amazing how much are they I want one?"! Its also weird that the website hasn't much info about what is Powerbalance? and how does it work? Link doesn't say much hey!?
Either way, if I'm living in a fantasy world! It works for me, as I feel confident with it on and I think the Powerbalance band helps my surfing more than before!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Final Countdown.

Well its nearly that time of the year when we trade our flip flops, to steel toe cap boots and wide brimmed sun hats, copius amounts of suncream on our pink faces, to beanies and hoodies that keep us all toastie when the nights pull in.....NOT ME!
All I can think about is hitting up Central and North America with my girlfriend I cant wait.
To make my impatient matters even worse my mate Luke has just returned from a week in southern Portugal (Sagres) where he had good swell from Hurricane Danielle and of course fine weather......Fecker!
I cant believe how quickly the lifeguard season has gone by this year, its insane! All in all its been the best summer I have worked weather wise and I was going to mention swell wise until we
reached August when It just seemed to remain flat for ages!
I have to mention all the guys as well they have made the season an enjoyable one to say the least...You know who you are fellas!
Im competing at Croyde this weekend in the Jesus Surf Classic which im looking forward to. Apparently the waves are going to be shit, which is about right for a surf contest in England.
As I have named this post "Final Countdown" I wanted to mention we have 18 days left on the beach when some of us lucky one's will be unemployed...Jobcentre it is then!