Sunday, 13 February 2011


It's our last whole day in El Salvador today before we head up to Guatemala. As it's our last weekend, we hit the drinks last night and ended up getting into a bit of a state! Anyway, thats another story. Before we hit the tiles last night, I had a great surf yesterday afternoon. The story begins at lunch when Janine and I were sat eating our delicious Pupusa's (an El Salvadorean snack). The wind picks up. To my own knowledge I thought "thats strong it must be really onshore" WRONG!
We both headed back to our room to chill for a few hours and let our lunch go down until, this Argentinean guy who is staying next to us, runs back from the beach, Breathless and says its pumping. I didnt really believe him at first, so I headed out front to check it. I couldnt believe my eyes, it was going off!
I scored some good barrells and with 3 people in the lineup you can't complain.
Here are some stills taken from the video camera from yesterday's session.
shots by Janine Horn

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

El Salvador

Been in El Salvador for over a week now, its a beautiful place with lots of righthand pointbreaks which is what the country is famous for in the surfing world. Its kinda funny really, as people who know me realise that im not a huge fan of surfing on my backhand which is mostly correct! I've had so much fun however as the points are near perfect on a daily basis!

El Sunzal point
Also we are staying right in front of a lefthander which is apparently one of the only lefts in the country......of course, I couldnt resist!
The left out the front is known for its localism  and at the weekends friendly folk advise you to wait until all the local guys get out. This is where I went wrong, during the early hours of the previous saturday gone by (5th feb). I paddled out and..... well you can probably guess what happened. I got told to paddle in not in a pleasant way, but in a way which consisted in these words "fuck off gringo"! So there you have it. When and if you come to El Salvador always check if the spot your about to surf is free of angry locals. When they paddle in its usually empty so on my behalf there is no need to fret!
The locals are full on but can be easily avoided!

La Bocana my favourite wave in El Salvador (so far)!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Its been a while.....

Sorry I have taken so long to post another blog, I suppose you could say I have a life at the moment! Those 2 weeks at the Boom were pretty sick.... Since then we have continued our journey North through the Honduran border and into El Salvador. We have been staying at Hostel La Sombra wich is nr the famous breaks of El Sunzal and La Bocanna.
As we havent loaded up any of the shots from El Salvador yet, I am writing to say how amazing Nicaragua was! Here are some shots that will stick vividly in my memories. A truly unique and amazing surfing destination! p.s stay posted for the next blog on El Salvador! Thanks.
Anthony Our cab driver! He gave us a tour of Managua (the sketchy city), he was such a dude!

Janine on the Tona!

Foamy Nicaraguan closeout.

and a nice round pit thanks and gone!