Sunday, 27 November 2011

Nearly There.

My tash is well on the way to looking like an 80's porn king. However i'm trying not to think about it as it makes me a little ill! No it's looking good now with just a few days left of growth. I then need to decide if its worth carrying on after or not.

November has been the best month for swell I have ever witnessed. Thats a bold fact. We've had week after week of clean solid groundswells we usually end up dreaming about. The only thing different is thats actually reality.

Stay tuned for some horrible tash pictures!

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Well november is in full swing, surf has been pumping since my last post. Comps have been coming thick and fast Wesward Ho! Came 3rd overall at the British Interclubs's. Even better the groms won their category, well done fellas!
13 days in

Quater Final Heat ukpst Lynmouth Photo Rob Tibbles
3rd place at the interclubs (Sorry it's sideways)
A few photo's from this months features.....

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Soooooooo Good

It's been such a sick week for waves, events, party's and much much more. First of all the swell has been awesome for 6 days in a row (miracle). The lynmouth contest that was moved to tuesday was fun although I'm a little gutted I didnt get past the quater finals in clean 3ft reeling lefts. Never mind! The next contest is this weekend at Wooly, where the Interclubs will commence. I'm sure all the Ho's! are raring to go. Followed by the Newquay Open at fistral which is next weekend. Stay tuned to me blog as I will let you know what goes down In November Bazza town.
I have also just discovered Slater has just won his 11th World title in San Francisco (Freak)!

The second installment of Wwho's! Eyeball Local Lowdown has been released so check that out and let me know if its shit or if you love it?! Always open to opinions.......
Anyhow peace out homies and enjoy the swell times1