Thursday, 16 June 2011

At last.

It's been such a poor June for swell. Today was the first time I had surfed waves over shoulder high for uhhhhh. Can't remember!
Anyhow, I managed to get in 2times today, also this evening surfing one of my favourites. Spot G!
It wasn't going off but I and my other amigos had loads of fun which is what it's all about.
The swell of today looks like its going to last for the next few days and into the weekend which is great news.

It's all pretty chilled at the moment, no comps, just doing my Lifeguarding and hanging with my girlfriend.

The boys have been telling me to check this ad out, I must say it will never go out of fashion. Pure gold!

Monday, 6 June 2011


Last week was awesome, the weather on friday and saturday was so good. Janine and I we're very close to going on a camping trip down cornwall for our day's off (sunday and monday) but as the day progressed on saturday it all wen't pete tong! The cloud started to appear early in the afternoon and then I was hearing loads of rumours that it was due to rain over the next few days and get a wee chilly.
That pissed me off a bit really as I was super excited about getting another opportunity to escape out of the county and enjoy some nice sunshine and hopefully some waves but.........Nah sorry buddy, looks pants!

Anyhow apart from the weather situation it was a beautiful half term.Overall finger's crossed summer is similar to the week we just had.

On a more important note been competing the last couple of weekends. The Eyeball surf Classic was a success on my behalf however last weekend the Saltrock Open came to Croyde and I had a shocker in the round of 32, just missing out on a place in the Night surf contest in newquay in July.

Below are shots taken from the other week's newspaper about the Eyeball Surf Classic.

Snapshot from the Journal
Pic. Rob Tibbles

Write up in the North Devon Journal