Thursday, 30 August 2012

Maldives 2012

Back in june/july the Elusive team hit up the Maldives on a 10 day voyage that was incredible. Greg Norman, Eoin MCcarthey Deering and myself had a fun trip organised by Nick Clewer (founder of Elusive). Below are some of my favourite snaps of the trip kindly taken by Zac Gibson.

The story is written by myself in wavelength magazine. So go check it out now, either on the shelves or subscribing online.

Hopefully the trip can be arranged again for next year as I'm already day dreaming about going back, what a place!

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  1. Hi Jordan,

    My name is Tomas Hein. I'm a London based photographer and surfer from Argentina. I'm shooting a project on English surf culture and looking for people to photograph.

    Your name came up on the list of the UK pro surf tour which I'll be hopefully following up close soon.

    It would be really great if you'd be up for it. Initially I want to photograph surfers in their hometowns. And if all goes well I'll be heading to some of the UK Pro Surf Tour events.

    Response so far has been overwhelming so I hope you are up for it.

    Please get back to me through email at

    All best,