Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mexico Remenising

I was lucky enough to get my story of our Mexico trip in this months wavelength magazine. I was stoked they used some of Janines photos. They could have used better shots from the archives I sent them but either way I was just stoked to get my story in their and the support that continually comes from the guys that look after me with threads. I looked at my page earlier and realised Im not far away from having 1000 views so this post is to boost it closer to that figure (hopefully).

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Winter 2013

Well its been a long winter for all of us and the cold weather seems to be hanging on just that little bit longer than expected. However summer is nearly with us and lots of stuff has been going on in my life which I will have pleasure sharing with you! Janine and I hit up Mexico in mid january for 9 weeks which was all time. I will post more photos up soon when I get the time. It's the start of contest season and last month I took part in the Elusive welsh Open which was a cool event. Unfortunately I got pipped in the semis. The whole weekend was amazing though as I had  the chance to catch up with some amazing friends in the welsh sunshine. Lastly I have just picked up a brand new stick from diplock surfboards and It flies! Pretty stoked on life at the moment. Summer is around the corner and the waves have been a-ok. Hopefully catch you in the lineup.
North Devon a few weeks back!

The new toy

Selfie at Elusive welsh Open. Pic Claire Beach Spirit
Home Pumping!

Elusive Welsh Open 2013. Pic Claire beach spirit

Mexican Pipeline. Stay tuned for lots more of these!
Elusive Crew. Legends!

Monday, 31 December 2012

Fresh OD site and end of year THANKS.

I've just discovered Obsessive-Disorder have revamped their website. I'm fortunate enough and very privaleged to be apart of the OD surf team for 2013. OD are a cornish surf accesories brand who produce quality Deck pads, Leashes, Boardsocks, clothing and surf wax. I will be stoked to offer my feedback over 2013. I have recently been sent some great accessories from OD and cant wait to test all their gear out. Especially when I go to Mexico in 2 weeks!

I would also like to thank my sponsors Elusive and Diplock Phoenix Surfboards for some great designs.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Maldives 2012

Back in june/july the Elusive team hit up the Maldives on a 10 day voyage that was incredible. Greg Norman, Eoin MCcarthey Deering and myself had a fun trip organised by Nick Clewer (founder of Elusive). Below are some of my favourite snaps of the trip kindly taken by Zac Gibson.

The story is written by myself in wavelength magazine. So go check it out now, either on the shelves or subscribing online.

Hopefully the trip can be arranged again for next year as I'm already day dreaming about going back, what a place!